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What does a Software Consulting Company Do?

IT consulting companies could be different from each as game development, banking software company and so forth. On the other hand, the moment we start comparing and contrasting, you are going to find so many aspects with consultancy that are quite common.

Initially, you are deemed to be a contractor in the event that you are working for software consulting company. Whether you believe it or not, theres little to no difference to the contractor hired to help you remodel your bathroom or build a new deck. Instead of being hired to replace old shower, your consulting company will be hired in replacing the old system. Rather than building a deck, you may build a new custom and better solution. More often than not, it is project based and much like masons or carpenters, youll be providing quotations of the project before proceeding.

The contracts can be billed per hour but if you want to, you can negotiate for a fixed payment. As you start working, youll be consulting with your client to ensure that all requirements are being met and that any adjustments can be made. And hopefully, you have completed the project on time and that theyll be pleased and feel satisfied with their experience and think of you whenever they have another project. As a consultant, you are provided with agreed-upon service within agreed-upon timeline.

Unlike if you are working as a software developer, you are usually tasked to make a product. The company may either sell it or provide it as service. Nonetheless, this is something that you would build with the intention of generating revenue or sell via subscription fees or ads. Compared to contractors remodeling kitchen or bathroom, your work here is to make cabinets as well as extra storage space. The end product of your work is then sold to customers than working straight to a billed client.

It is always a challenge to find out what you are up against when working for a software consulting company. Most of the time, if the client contacts you, it is due to the reason that they are not happy with the new service. It doesnt matter what because there are going to be questions, critical decisions to be made and lots of mysteries to be solved. The solution may require SSIS, ASP.NET, Java and so forth. You may also be trained to study new technology to finish the project and it is not uncommon to face new set of instructions in the midst of the project.

But still, having a career in software consulting company will require you to be fast in adapting to change and be creative in delivering effective solution.

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