An Annual Veterinary Conference Sponsored by Nicholas Bova Has Much to Offer

Educational events held all over the world each year help dedicated professionals keep up with the latest developments in their fields. While ensuring that a suitable mix of speakers and sessions will be found must always be a priority for planners and sponsors, location inevitably matters a great deal, as well.

After all, most who attend such events expect to do more than learn and network. Holding a professional event at a destination that is appealing in its own right is one way of being sure that attendees will come away fulfilled. An annual conference for veterinarians sponsored by the company founded by Nicholas Bova, for instance, makes excellent use of one of the world’s top ski resorts.

Hundreds of Trails Sprawl Across Four Peaks in the French Alps

For fifty years, alpine skiers have been flocking to four especially well positioned mountains in the French Alps. With the resorts in the area now being able to host tens of thousands of visitors at a time between them, Les Arcs has become known around the world as a top wintertime destination.

One feature that avid skiers appreciate the most is how these peaks afford so much variety with regard to terrain and conditions. Beginners and less confident athletes find that plenty of gentle trails lower down on the slopes accommodate them perfectly at any time.

Skiers with better developed skills and more adventurous tastes are perfectly catered to, as well. Many find that glade-style skiing a bit higher on the mountains challenges them in ways that make for memorable days. Others venture even further up, with help from the hundred-plus lifts that serve the resorts, and find themselves well above treeline skiing in large, open bowls.

Combined with the generous amounts of natural snow that the area receives every year, these types of skiing ensure that any visitor will have a good time. That makes hosting a conference at Les Arc just about a sure thing, in every case.

Veterinarians Learn, Ski, and Come Away Energized and Refreshed

As a result, the veterinary conference hosted in Les Arcs each year has become one of the profession’s best attended events. Combining the inherent charms of the resorts themselves with plenty of edifying and interesting veterinary presentations, the conference has become a highlight of each year for many who attend.

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